"In teaching his Power Reading program to professionals and children at The Community Education Department at Lakeland Community College, Dean Ulsenheimer consistently receives high ratings from his students, noting that he is an excellent instructor. As a result of his instruction, students are able to significantly increase both reading speed and comprehension."


Gary Eith

Dean, Community Education

Lakeland Community College


"Our students taking Dean Ulsenheimer's Power Reading course reported that the course was extremely beneficial in helping them improve their reading. Moreover, they felt much more confident that they could handle larger and more complicated amounts of various reading material. I would have no hesitation in again supporting such a course here on the Andrews campus."


Sue Kish

College Counselor

The Andrews School


"I really understood the material, and I would highly recommend that others take the course"





"Dean Ulsenheimer's Power Reading course improved my reading speed and comprehension immensely. The skills I learned have helped me tackle a very challenging curriculum at Gilmour Academy. I wholeheartedly recommend the course to all students, regardless of their current reading speed and comprehension levels."


Derrick Adamany

Gilmour Academy


"I was a slow reader, but I didn't think it mattered because I was a straight "A" student at Gilmour Academy. When I started taking standardized tests at school, I didn't even get through the reading portion and I would get very low scores. It would also take me a long time to get through homework reading assignments, and I would spend hours longer than necessary. I rarely read for pleasure.


Since taking the DU Power Reading program I can easily get through tests now. Homework assignments go more quickly and I even read outside of school, something I never used to do. I can say that this program has changed my academic life for the better, and I would recommend DU Power Reading to anyone."


Barbara Savani

Gilmour Academy


"I am an LPN working towards my RN degree, and the courses I take require a lot of reading. The techniques learned in DU Power Reading have allowed me to quickly read through chapters in my Biology and other technical reading texts while retaining all important information. My test grades remain high while time spent studying is significantly reduced. I would encourage all students to take this course to improve their reading speeds and information retention while saving precious time."


Melanie Zalar

Lakeland Community College


"I started my first class of DU Power Reading at 268 WPM reading rate and retention of 50%. By the last class, after only six hours of training, my rate was between 660 WPM and 1,200 WPM with a retention rate of 90-100%, depending on the book or journal I was reading. After being out of education for more than 15 years, I have a stronger, faster reading skills than I did when I was in school."


Maria McIntosh

Lakeland Community College